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KavaClub is built to nurture human connection through locally-crafted Kava beverages—the first of its kind in Virginia. Designed for work and play, KavaClub offers free wi-fi and designated work space, plus tons of games, community events, and cozy spots to relax and connect.

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Kava is a non-alcoholic drink made from the root of the kava kava plant, a member of the pepper plant family grown in the Pacific Islands. Used for centuries in social and ceremonial practices, Kava’s popularity has spread internationally as more communities embrace its mental and physical benefits. Our Kava is sourced from a trusted farmer in Fiji and tested at a certified lab to ensure the absolute highest quality.

How will it make me feel?

Frequent Kava drinkers rave about its ability to calm an active mind and encourage creativity. After your first few sips, you’ll notice a mild numbing sensation of the lips and mouth—this is normal (and a sign you’re drinking well-prepared Kava!) After one or two drinks, people typically feel calm, blissful, social, and attentive. Certain strains of Kava, like Lawena, have been known to help with sleep. Ask our Kavatenders what strain is right for you. 

Can anyone drink Kava?

Everyone is welcome inside Kava Club, but we only serve Kava to those 18+. Because Kava isn’t FDA regulated, we proudly take responsibility for the quality, safety, and testing of our product. If you’re unsure about your health, we recommend consulting your doctor before enjoying Kava. We’ve also linked some resources below.

Does KavaClub serve food or alcohol?

Nope! KavaClub offers a space to escape the constructs and pressures of a typical alcohol-centered social space. If you’re hungry, we encourage you to order delivery from one of the many local restaurants nearby. Not sure what to eat? Talk to our Kavatenders for the inside scoop on best bites near us.

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